Does Your Loved One Need Help Traveling?

Count on us for professional companion travel care in Minneapolis, MN

Are you worried about the safety of your elderly or disabled loved one while they travel? There's no need to with companion travel care services from My Senior Travel Companion. Our trustworthy senior travel companion can ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one when they're traveling from Minneapolis, MN.

Whether you're going on vacation, want to see your grandkid's school play or are moving across the state, we can help you get there safely.

Take the stress out of traveling

Traveling is stressful and tedious. We make it easier with our attentive and compassionate services. You deserve to live a full life going to family events or on vacations without your age or ability holding you back.

Want to know more about the companion travel care services we provide? Call 612-849-2595 and we'll be happy to answer all the questions you may have.

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How can we help you?

Our senior travel companion can help with booking flights, driving by car or just providing a helping hand when needed. Allow us to accompany and assist your:

  • Elderly family member traveling to a family reunion
  • Minor child flying alone for the first time
  • Disabled family member moving to a new home

If you or a loved one needs travelling assistance, contact us today to book our services before our calendar fills up.